... but today, ordinary isn't enough.

01 November, 2010


It's been a rough week for my diet.  I was doing so well (my friend told me if I lost any more weight, I'd look like a Bratz doll, and my size four pants have been hanging off of my hipbones), when my step-grandma died.  I am not experiencing exceptional emotional distress, but being around my family 24/7 is hard on me.  Not only is my mom observant of my eating habits, but when I'm with my 11-and-7-y.o. sisters, I am terrified of projecting a negative image about myself. My 11-year-old sister calls me skinny all of the time, and I'd hate for her to connect that with the fact that I eat less than she does.  Tomorrow, I'm starting a new, shiny, strict diet, and I intend to look fierce by December.

Must go wash my hair/paint my nails/do some laundry.

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