... but today, ordinary isn't enough.

18 September, 2011

Remember these when you want carbs/chocolate/butter:

Reasons to win this battle, and the next, and the next:

1.  So you won't have to start again on Monday.
2.  So that your thighs don't make you cringe every time you take a step.
3.  So that shopping can be as thoroughly fun as it deserves to be.
4.  So that you can stop putting, "Lose weight," at the top of your New Year's resolution list.
5.  So you can bask in the accomplishment of finishing what you started.
6.  So you're all poise, grace, and careless beauty.
7.  So you can stop envying ballerinas.
8.  So you don't feel like everyone's disgusted by your thighs in denim shorts.
9.  So you aren't hurt when people teasingly call you fat.
10. So you can finally buy the types of clothes you used to wait for.
11. So baggy tops and sweaters look cute, not like you're trying to cover your fat.
12. So you can stop feeling that feeling you feel when you tell yourself how cute an outfit will look once you get thin.
13. So when you look in the mirror and cry, it's because you finally did it, not because you're ashamed.
14. So you can feel sexy no matter what you're wearing.
15. So you can forfeit ownership of the thunderthighs.

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