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26 October, 2010

Beauty tip of the week:

There is often quite a bit of time between when I put on my makeup and when I get home.  I hate when my eye makeup feels the need to travel downward, or when my face makeup fades unevenly, leaving a cake-y texture.  There are a few steps I take to promote the longevity of my makeup:

1.  Always moisturize before foundation.  Not only is a good moisturizer the key to healthy skin, but moisturizer prevents foundation from looking blotchy or mask-like.  I'm a big fan of SPF as well, and Olay has some great daily moisturizers with SPF.  My favorite is this one.

2.  Invest in an eye primer if you intend to wear eye shadows.  I am a recent eye primer convert, but I wish I'd tried it earlier.  One swipe of this bad boy absorbs freakishly fast and is the difference between having to freshen up after about the 8-hour mark and not worrying about anything, even after a 16-hour day.

3. A little maintenance keeps you from looking sad, as well.  I keep blotting papers and an Evian facial water spray with me if I plan on being out for any amount of time.  The blotting papers combat t-zone shine, and the spritzer refreshes my makeup like nothing else.  If I'm stuck somewhere without blotting papers, I grab a toilet seat cover [not the front one, mind you!  EW.], tear off a piece, and blot away.  2-ply toilet paper split to one ply also works in a pinch.

These tips keep me fresh on those days that start at 7:30 and end around midnight, and keep me from having to obsess over reapplying my makeup.  Enjoy!


Lola said...

Thanks for your comment. I don't think I'm tough enough for Castor oil though.

Eye primer changed my life!

Lola said...

Bahaha I'm stealing the word "uggo" and I've decided to keep my legs together while he's still dating her.