... but today, ordinary isn't enough.

23 October, 2010

In a word: Productive.

Today, I walked a 5k marathon for work with a couple of friends.  I enjoyed the opportunity to make a good impression with the district manager, burn some calories, and gain energy for the day.  My legs always seem to be in some sort of  pain, but I felt my body loosening up and responding well to the little bit of exercise in spite of itself.  The only downside was R, a coworker.  He has a deep need for attention that distracts and frustrates me.  Oh, and I ate 5 cherry tomatoes, one banana, one tangerine, and FIVE mini cheeseburgers.  Lard.

I devoted the afternoon to making a dent in my pig sty of a house.  I finished more than I'd ever anticipated I could do in 47 minutes.  Off to work to make lots of money [hopefully?]

[I know these posts are uninteresting.  On Sunday, my blog will be going in a new direction.  The un-audience can look forward to experiencing the things I've been brainstorming.]

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